Health Care Reform: Bold Action -> Simple Message


It was quite eye-opening to hear a dialog about Health Care Reform on one “American Morning” show. The host and a POLITICO guest were ridiculing the complexity of Democratic Message explaining CoOPs and Exchanges while GOP succeeded in its KILL by influencing the public with easy (may be false) catch phrases like “Socialism” “Big Spenders” & “Govt Control”.

The more they dance around this stuff – to keep the options open for political horse trading, the more stupid and unreliable the Democratic Party looks. It is pathetic to see the President reassuring the people that they will not lose their current insurance. The people do not care. They want results; they want their premiums reduced and the poor subsidized. They are misled by Health, Inc. lobby and their Congressional Tools. In the absence of quality debunking and straight forward messaging they have no choice but to fall prey to GOP propaganda machine.

The more the Prez and his Dems distort the agenda for political horse trading with the Dogs, sham Bipartisanship, and kissing up to vested interests for displaying fake inclusion – these soft talking points will kill the very spirit of a critical cause – which is to protect today’s and tomorrow’s children.

President should describe his agenda with clarity and simplicity without the clutter of dishonorable compromises. He should explain how the Public Ins Option will directly benefit the insured (probably more so) and uninsured poor (they just get the subsidized care). And yes the Public Option like Medicare will reduce the premiums. And yes, between the Public Option and Medicare, the Medicare doldrums can be addressed. This whole promise about how we will cut the legs of the PO (like reduced negotiating power) or kill it altogether by a fraud like Conradian CoOps, does not build confidence in the people who most need the HCR. By the way Mr. P and the supporting cast, the people will go bankrupt if bold implementation of PO and Immediate Cost Reduction is not undertaken. This can’t happen if the Govt continues to coddle the Health Inc. Oligarchy and assures them that their fleecing license will be untouched. If the payment schedules are not revised while reducing the overhead people will not get any relief from today’s rapacious premiums.

It is easy to mouth platitudes like preventive care and record automation, but only bold action to rid the system of cobwebs and pests will bring relief now. Without this relief, the whole collection of the horror stories by the VP or frequent invocation of a few sad situations by the Prez will be nothing but hollow words. People have been led to believe that the relief will come now, not by a cost curve which bends in future. If the starting point (Day One) does not have a downshift – there will be no future if the current generation continues to be pilloried. If there is not a reduction in oppressive premiums on Day one, we shall be doomed to a sinking economy forever.

If Medicare is expanded to all comers it will expand the pool and reduce overall cost to the taxpayer and also pull Medicare out of its financial doldrums. Revised compensation practices alongside reduced payment schedules are a must to extricate people from the debris they are caught in. If all the stake holders i.e. Doctors, Hospitals, Pharma & Eqpt Makers were willing to participate in a shared sacrifice while the country is in a deep slump and to rise with the tide as the tide builds up, real reform can happen.

The attempts on the hill to make sure that job one for the HCR bill is to protect the Private Insurance Oligarchy from real competition – is symptomatic of the Health, Inc. ownership of our legislators. What baffles me is the Doctors’, not all,  acceptance of  the current Health Care racket. Medicine is too noble a profession – to need pimps and touts to fleece and intimidate the clients. If we do not get this nobility from our Doctors, no real reform can happen. Of course those who feel they can make lot more money without participating in the system, can do so as free agents. And if the new system is so good, that no body will pay for their premier care, they should seek their fortunes in other countries – may be in a rising economy like China.

I would expect these pillars of society to champion this overhaul and make this Mafia like operation a thing of the past- so our people hail & hearty compete hard on the world stage. In this day and age this state of affairs will not earn a shining reputation for the US of A.



  1. hey i was wondering if i could get you for a phone interview for a small (not really big then) online radio then program . . . .

  2. Plan given to Whitehouse/Congress will pay for public option w/o new taxes or fees; And it cuts the carbon footprint of gov buildings by 50%‏. An answer from the heartland. http://whitecollargreenspace.blogspot.com/

    This could be Obama’s hail Mary.
    Here is a major proposal I just shared with GSA, GAO, EPA, Senator Levin’s office and professors at Georgetown and GWU.
    The fact that the federal government uses over a billion square feet of office at an efficiency level of only 30% borders on malfeasance from a budget and environmental viewpoint. Someone needs to let the White House know there is a way to pay for the public option.

    This proposal would save the Federal government close to $50 billion per year enough to pay for the public option with only an executive order. We should get more congressman to sign on if we can show it is paid for and requires no new taxes or fees. We can no longer afford to let all white-collar workers that still have jobs work banker’s hours when we can work two shifts per day in government and private industry and cut our overhead costs in half. This simple paradigm shifts solves three problems: It jumpstarts economy and fights poverty, cuts pollution, reduces budget deficits.
    Most office space is very expensive yet white collar workers only us it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This amounts to only 30% efficiency which is completely unacceptable in today’s economic and ecological environment. As an American, I would like to present my answer the health care mess, global warming which actually should be called over-pollution, unemployment, empty buildings and state budget shortfalls.

  3. Here’s the only real health care reform possible:

    Americans get off their asses and exercise.

    Start eating more fresh vegetables and quit eating fast food. Eliminate excessive drinking and smoking.

    Stop expecting things from others.

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