Busting Health Care Reform Myths

July 22, 2009

If you were to put on the America’s Doctor hat, which was but a breathing distance away, would you have incorporated in your advocacy, the following knockdowns of some of the falsehoods spreading among the American people?

First, it is a fallacy to assume that the insured will not benefit from HCR. Cost Curve will bend down in future with Prevention and Well-care etc. But immediate relief has to come to under-insured as well as the financially strapped. This is what the President pointed out in his recent speeches. The premiums of people are rapaciously high – the 50% bankruptcies apply to under-insured as well. The immediate relief will come by changing to value based payments as well as reduced Payment Schedules. It is important for the providers to realize that the parameters of the Economy have changed and a Shared Sacrifice is needed. This also must include Malpractice Insurance cost reduction which stopping frivolous lawsuits and capping the settlements in some fair way.

Second fallacy, the people are happy with their current plan. These are all plans where Employer pays the lion’s share of the premiums. With the increasing costs Many employers have either dropped their contribution and / or opted for plans with reduced benefits. It Goes without saying that increasing costs are passed to the Consumer. This in turn renders American Companies uncompetitive in the Global Market Place.

Third, the Lobbies are with the Prez. This is nothing but a smoke screen. The huge increase in Lobbying (350 New Lobbyists) efforts and expenses points to this fact. In fact it is well understood that Health Lobbies (behind the scene) and their Proxies in Congress (in the Front, Demo-gauging) are trying their damnedest to kill the Bill with slow poison.


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