Want to pay for Health Care honestly?

August 6, 2009

Recognize that Medicare is a plan that protects the health of 44 Million Seniors. GOPsters say Medicare is a Government run unmitigated disaster. Ask them if they would take their parents of this disaster and place them in a free market insurance and they will be silent. They appear to be quite willing to consign their elderly to substandard care, while they enjoy a lifelong deluxe plan at taxpayer’s expense. Speaks volumes about their character.

The Insurance Company tools do not want to ask their paymasters for insurance coverage for the elderly, is because the Oligarchs are only too happy to keep just the healthy in their pools to maximize their profits. Even if they are given all the money coming in from the payroll taxes they would not sign up. And yet all these so called budget hawks would not want Medicare for all, which will expand the pool and reduce the overall cost to the taxpayers. This will pull medicare out of its impending bankruptcy as well as provide a quality public option to the below 65 individuals.

But this requires tough direct talk, instead of sacrificing the people on the alter of Bipartisanship or appeasement of the Blue and Bluish Dogs.

If we keep doing what we did in the house, or preparing to do in the Senate for the Conradian Agenda,
there will be no honesty in the HCR agenda. I do not know what was there in the BD work that the Prez had to praise them. IMHO, they deserve a heap of scorn for pushing through their amendments in the Waxman committee. Blue Dog modifications to HCR bill are a big sham, e.g., the clause where the Bill promises that PO will NOT use medicare schedules. Clearly a sell out to Insurance Cartel. If the Dems in Congress go back to their constituents with Bills badly compromised thanks to Bachus/Conrad in Senate and the House Blue Dogs, they will fumble when questions highlighting these differences come up. Mere slogans will only serve to discredit the Democratic Party.

Insurance Comapnies' Double Talk


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  1. Thanks for your exacerbating honesty…OUCH

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