Debunking Newt: Obama is not Jimmy Carter

August 8, 2009

Gingrich: “Obama Is Like Jimmy Carter” (usnews.com)

Response to another lie from Spin Meister Newt:

IMHO Newt is one of the more hypocritical yet slick GOP pols. He would not renounce even the most despicable activities in the GOP like the Birthers or the Hooliganism at the Town-halls. He was not beyond race baiting in his rhetoric during Sotomayor hearings. He participates regularly in Hannity’s “Break Obama” hate fest. His opinion of Democratic leaders has no credibility.

It is a good thing if Obama has a moral compass similar to Carter. This is of no value to likes of Newt, whose moral compass points South.

Obama is far more pragmatic than Carter. He believes in laying a solid foundation on which future initiatives can be successfully implemented. His foreign policy has been an unprecedented success by far. Newt has been too busy to notice since he has been preoccupied with labeling Obama trips as Apology Tours weakening USA’s image. Prez ploughs ahead undeterred by GOP propaganda machines like Newt.

I am sure Newt’s self serving attacks will come back to bite him well before 8012.


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