No PO No Trigger or Trigger But No PO Do Not Do The Job

October 14, 2009

No PO No Trigger gives license to the Insurance Oligarchy to continue fleecing captive customers indefinitely whereas Trigger But No PO gives this license for at least 8 years by which time the world will be different. Basic logic is that regulations alone do not work. Just see how the lack of proper enforcement of the existing regulations melted our economy. PO is a dynamic organism that provides real competition to insure 3 major objectives that the President has set forth. No regulations can lower the current premiums for existing customers who are being crushed by these sky high premiums. The charlatans providing alternatives ask us to trust the Ins Oligarchs to develop a sudden desire to make Public their first priority. Not a smart idea given their past performance.

For an exposition of the Public Option please read/watch the follwoing:

No body can explain it better than Dennis.

Robert Reich explains the Public Option in less then 3 minutes.

To see my rationale of why pushing our President rather than providing blind unthinking support is of service to him and the country, please read Why Must Obama Seek a Public Option.

Jane Smiley’s article is really the best analysis of  the current situation and how to win despite it.

Also recommended is Tavis Smiley’s book Accountable, which enumerates the promises candidate Obama made on Health Care Reform, first among them was a national health plan.


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