Public Option Bound

October 26, 2009
It is pretty crazy the way the Hill dwellers have bound the Public Option in many chains, just so that it does not bring about the fundamental changes that need to be brought in the current Health Care System. This gives an excuse to the opponents of effective reform to denounce the Public Option instead of the chains tying the PO down. Three obvious chains are:
  • Not using Medicare Infrastructure to expand it to provide the Public Option. It is the most efficientand timely way to implement the PO. Current plans are to defer the reform till 2013, ostensibly to prepare the Exchanges and the Public Plan, allow the high premiums to exist at their current rapacious levels. It is amazing that while people shed crocodile tears about the 45000 people dying every year, it is not recognized as a National Emergency and treated with the same urgency.
  • Restricting access to the public plan to a very small population. Senator Wyden has been pushing the “Free Choice” amendment, but is constantly thwarted by Congressional proxies of Insurance Co.
  • Promise to AMA to not use the Medicare payment schedules. Unless the whole food chain reduces its cavernous appetite we will be stuck with the results of avarice over the past years, resulting in the current bone crushing premium levels.


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