Chris Hedges and the Left-Wing Attack on Liberals, Liberalism, and Barack Obama

December 10, 2009

While Hedges may be harsh and sometimes over the top in his critique, it will behoove Stickings and us not to be an apologists for Obama. A wedge is one thing, noodle is another. Pushing against a noodle is not a winning proposition. Also the constant plea for understanding by his voters, especially the progressives, of the Washington ways of politics. This coming from the man who used to say change comes to Washington not from it. If this is the way of transformation I do not know what hypocrisy is. Some amount of quality championship of his own ideals would have gotten us a better reform, avoided the circus and 4the resulting loss in popularity both for Obama and the Dems. The Blue Dogs circus where in words of Sherrod Brown, 4-5 non-Dems, holding the majority hostage, are a result of Obama’s pathetic handling of Snowe and Grassley and appearing to be under Rahm’s control. For a comparison of Obama and LBJ please read Rick Perlstein’s article http://is.gd/2OAz8

I have written a lot of missives to Obama (probably not even read by an aware low level minion) which are certainly not abject. One of the notes I wrote about Obama’s amazing flexibility can be found in http://wp.me/PzWG3-1G
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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