Pete, say no to HR3962

December 12, 2009

The message I wrote to replace the canned AMA message, it asked me to send to my Congressman. Yo may want to send a similar replacement letter to your Congressman. I have also enclosed the e-mail I got from AMA. It also gives the site address etc.

Dear Representative Stark,

You have been a champion of the American people suffering under a broken and inaccessible Health Care System. We your loyal supporters have been struggling hard to fight for enacting Health Care Reform legislation initiated by you and other co-sponsors. To this end we have been actively engaging in securing a Robust Public Insurance Option. Thus it was a shock to see AMA/PAN mounting a Campaign which diverts attention from the HCR effort and also saddles govt with 245B dollars, while Reform is being diluted to meet political budgetary constraints. I being a member of PAN was also solicited. I wrote them a couple of times about their wrong headed initiative. I have not received any response from them.

I am taking this opportunity to replace AMA’s canned self serving message with an expression of my rationale for requesting you to firmly bring down HR 3961.

AMA under the cloak of Patient Action Network (PAN) tries to take actions no sane patient will support. It is almost like Terrorists hiding among civilians to escape discovery. AMA/PAN have recently mounted a campaign where they are asking the patients to call and plead with their Senators to raise Medicare Payment Schedules, i.e. first worry about filling the AMA pockets before worrying about the Health Care Reform with a Robust Public Option for the patients or the 45000 dying every year and many times more who are going bankrupt.

Do AMA members really believe that low Insurance payments are the #1 hurdle, preventing them from providing proper care to the afflicted?

I believe that Medicine is a noble profession and AMA should be honest and not use patient’s interests as an excuse to further extort the people at the bottom of the pile. Not worthy to hit the people, whose interest you profess to have in your heart, in the gut with a iron fist covered in a velvet glove.

There is nothing archaic about Medicare Payment Schedules. What is archaic is the greed of some who believe that they are anointed by higher powers to make more and more, or same as before, even when the people (read patients) and economy are in the toilet.

If the Health Care Providers (Doctors, Hospitals, Pharma, Equipment Builders) do not understand the meaning of shared sacrifice and rising with the tide (as the tide builds up), if there is not the downshift on day one of HCR, we shall be doomed to a sinking economy forever. Of course the free agents who feel they can make lot more money without participating in the system, they can do so as free agents do, i.e. not accept Insurance Payments. And if the new system is so good that no body will pay their ransom, they should seek their fortunes in other countries – may be a rising economy like China.

If we are serious about giving an honorable purpose to all the holy water AMA has been sprinkling, it has to be serious about communicating with other physician groups. I have had the privilege to meet a few, who unlike AMA are interested in the health of their patients instead of the size of their wallets.

Please, call this transfer of money from poor hurting patients or middle class families to rather affluent members of society who would not be keeping up with the Hippocratic if this legislation was enacted.

Pete, please do not let the legislation come to the floor. If it does VOTE NO ON H.R. 3961.


Canned AMA message for my Congressman Pete Stark

Our country is facing an imminent health care crisis that you can help prevent. The Medicare cuts for doctors that will take effect in less than two months are a major problem for patients – your constituents – because they will prevent many doctors from accepting new Medicare patients, discourage some from investing in new health technology, and make many think about closing their medical practices altogether!

But H.R. 3961 would stop these cuts and create a new formula to prevent them from happening again. Seniors and the disabled who rely on Medicare and military families who rely on TRICARE expect access to health care and choice of physicians. Without repeal of the underlying formula that projects steep payment cuts to physicians, that access and choice of physicians are repeatedly put at risk.

An overwhelming majority of Congress – Democrats and Republicans alike – are on record stating that the Medicare physician payment formula is flawed and should be repealed. Please live up to that commitment and preserve access to high-quality health care for America’s seniors and military families.

Please, be a champion for patients and for our doctors. Support H.R. 3961.

——————- Mail Solicitation from AMA/PAN ——————–

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: AMA Patients’ Action Network <reply_patients_action_network@amapan.graction.com>
To: doubleaseven@yahoo.com
Sent: Wed, November 4, 2009 12:24:23 PM
Subject: Medicare legislation is now moving in the House!

Dear Arvind:

The U.S. House of Representatives plans to take up a bill, the “Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act of 2009” (H.R. 3961), to stop the 21 percent Medicare physician payment cut that is coming on Jan. 1, 2010, and provide a permanent solution to this problem. No more yearly, short-term Band-Aid fixes!

The Medicare cuts for doctors that will take effect in less than two months are a major problem for you and your family because they will prevent many doctors from accepting new Medicare patients, discourage some from investing in new health technology, and make many think about closing their medical practices altogether!

Please call Rep. Fortney H. Pete Stark (D) and urge a YES vote on H.R. 3961. Use our hotline at (888) 434-6200. You can also send your representative an email.

If you’ve never called a congressional office before, check out our guide, “Successfully Communicating with Congress.”

© AMA, Patient’s Action Network | All Rights Reserved


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