Stop Yapping about Healthcare: Go Reconciliation and Attach the Rest to a Defense Appropriations Bill

December 15, 2009

Paul has to be commended for laying out the path so clearly. I am hoping that every Dem leader who is hiding behind the “reconciliation wont allow many reforms”, will find themselves naked after viewing themselves through the mirror of Paul’s article. Harry Reid, used to say, as much as he does not like reconciliation he will not hesitate to use it, should it be necessary to overcome obstinate opposition.

Kaoli there is no point in exploring the mysteries of Conrad’s mind. I called him Fraud Conrad and his buddy as Hocus Baucus, when months back they started laying in the dynamite under the bridge of any measure that would get in the way of their patron’s ability to fleece the public. So there is no point to seek out more intrigue. There has already been enough to induce vomit from any sane and patriotic American.

Rather than engaging in tabloid like BS, time is best used by pushing the “Under the Influence” Hill Dems into following Paul’s recommendations.

I am tired of the so called pragmatists who ask Progressives to pass any crap, otherwise there will be no opportunity to get any reform. Another line repeated shamelessly is “to not let perfect be the enemy of good”. Political charlatans use this line when ever they need to trade public interest for corporate interest. If charlatans fail Americans the situation will get worse but when this crosses a threshold, good reform will come into play.
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