Disingenuous Claims by HCR Bill Salespersons

December 31, 2009

The disingenuous or false statements made by Team Obama and collaborating members of Congress, to transform the critique of the Bill into praise and gratitude by the public, are sickening and demoralizing. Their credibility can not be raised by constant repetition by increasing number of protagonists. Unfortunately many hosts who were challenging the falsehoods head on are doing so less and less, perhaps because they are getting tired and increasingly resigned to inevitability of a flawed bill. However this technique can not work because it will be very hard to create a collusion involving millions of progressives and independents. It is too bad that many defenders want to be trusted because of their eons of experience in the Washington scene, which has not even helped them develop enough intellectual honesty to recognize this basic concept. Some of the most egregious half truths going unchallenged are:

1) Subsidies and exchanges etc start in 8014, thus all this sobbing about 45k dying is at best crocodile tears. If true ED we should not be talking any other topic at all. Do you not want to see how can we stop these deaths immediately?

2) Insure 31M (not 47M) by 2019, not exactly a crash program, is it? Why do they not point out that tax payer money will be squandered on high bone crushing premiums (and more than proportionately higher subsidies) which are projected to grow 111% by Ins Industry’s own estimates.

3) No clear description of what new alternatives, which provide the same cost lowering and competition as the Public Option, have been created and which were not present in Obama Campaign’s Health Care plans.

4)Ban the insurance denial based on pre-existing conditions. Bu the differential of older people with pre-existing conditions can be upto 300% in the Senate Bill and 200% in the House Bill. The same number is 20% in Vermont state regulation. At this number people higher than 400% poverty level will not find it affordable. For those eligible for subsidies, tax payer will be hit for obscenely high amounts.

Things will work just fine without the Public Option


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