The Senate’s “Starter Home” Health Reform

December 31, 2009

Dear Senator Harkin,

Reform activists saw you as a steadfast progressive and an avid supporter of Public Option as the backbone of real reduction (not holding) of costs, real competition and choice, and keeping the Ins Co honest in following the regulations and spirit of he bill. Thus it was painful to see you strong armed into abandoning your core position.

Whitehouse and Party leadership are trying to sell the bill using WH talking points containing omissions and half truths. However voters are not going to the pursuit of shallow political gains and corporate patronage. Please note the following issues not addressed in your talking points.

1) 200,000 more will die until 8013/8014 when subsidies and exchanges etc kick in. Should we not treat this as a National Emergency instead of shedding crocodile tears for the dying?

2) Insure 31M (not 47M) by 2019, not exactly a crash program. It is not pointed out that tax payer money will be squandered on high bone crushing premiums (and more than proportionately higher subsidies) which are projected to grow 111% by Ins Industry’s own estimates.

3) No alternatives, which provide “the same” cost lowering and competition as the Public Option, have been clearly identified – and probably not created.

4) Older people with preexisting conditions may pay up to 300% of regular premiums compared to 120% in Vermont today. People above 400% FPL will not find it affordable. For those eligible for subsidies, tax payer will be hit for obscenely high amounts.
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