A Platform Less Big Tent Party Has No Room For a Sick John Q Public

January 7, 2010

Is GOP more principled than the Democratic Party? GOP wants to kill the HCR bill altogether based on their so called conservative platform. It appears the Democratic Party has decided to be a Platform Less Big Tent party. The so called Blue Strays conservadems and Corporatist Dems have held the Mainstream Democrats hostage. With considerable pain I have to say that the chief enablers are the trio of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid. Hiding behind the excuse that the political reality which should be honored by their voters is that getting the Democratic Senators to agree is like herding cats. And it is okay to get them behind a bill to abandon principles to an extent that it is not decipherable what beliefs (platform) are behind the bill. They feel that being without a platform is okay even if means tossing aside the Progressive Base and screwing the Public.

Further evidence of the dangerous path the trio is charting is the decision of cutting out the Senate House Conference Committee to get a rubber stamp on the corporatist Senate bill. How do we stop this inexorable march? We have of course been calling our members of Congress. If Pelosi allows herself to be blackmailed into abandoning the Progressive agenda, she would be risking her reelection. There would be more than enough evidence for ads showing her flipflops. I believe this fact should be brought home now by a campaign to call and inform Pelosi and Reid of the consequences to Dems of a bad bill. . As for the President he seems to deaf to his progressive base and seems to have decided that the centrist (conservative DINOs), and the elusive middle has to be courted ahead of listening to his progressive base and his own campaign promises. I do not know how to address the President given the predisposition of his senior staff.

If O knew Blueto's thought, would he still be coddling them?


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