The Massachusetts Debacle and the Big “Why” Lie

January 20, 2010

The influence of Corporatism runs deep among both the legislators and media. Many in the media run a conservative (read Corporatist) agenda, either overtly or covertly.

The corporate tools in the media are too happy to interpret the vote to say that message from MA is to slow down (better yet kill) the Health and Environment Reform. The only thing bi-partisan in Washington is to service the Corporate Patrons at the expense of Public good. The big change Obama promised was to change the corrupt Corporate influence and political horse trading practices in Washington. He has failed miserably to deliver on this seminal promise. Coincidentally, this is not a favorite question of the media to ask.

This failure to keep this promise is at the heart of the failure to meet other promises. This is what has caused the Health Care Bill to be given full frontal lobotomy to protect and further advance the Health Industry bottom lines. I have yet to see a hue and cry from the media about how the bill has gradually turned into a bonanza for the Insurance Industry. The same forces that were after the PO are now aiming for the CFPA. A repeat of the same sabotage that was happening in Health Reform it now in full swing in Financial Reform.
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