President Visits House Republicans

January 29, 2010

I just finished watching the Q&A session of President’s visit with Republican Caucus. I was extremely proud with the detail, precision, diplomacy and self control he demonstrated in answering the GOP questioners. He did diplomatically point out that some of the questions were more talking points and political posturing than serious discussion.

He further pointed out that completely denouncing the Democrats, Democratic Bills and totally and personally demonizing the President himself when speaking to their constituents, they end up creating two problems. First, the constituents start believing the lies. Second, they so box themselves by this behavior that they leave very little room for meaningful negotiation. He even softened his mild admonishments by saying that the problem was with both Parties.

If there is any strong language in the previous paragraph it is all attributable to me. He had no negative adjectives in his words. The reason I mentioned his admirable self control is that the GOPsters truly burnt me up with their political posturing, putting down the President and disguising this s**t in the form of a question. If it was me I would have kicked their butt right then and there, verbally and perhaps even physically in some cases, knowing that doing so was to was my own detriment.

Imagine confronting the Tea-Baggers who prefaced their question with their innate bits of venom which we have witnessed on TV other public appearances. Of course, different jerks did it with different degrees of vehemence. The three finalists were in ascending order of vehemence were, Jeb Hensarling , Tom Price and the winner Marsha Blackburn. The treatment for Martha Caokley consented to by her fellow GOPster Scott Brown would have been appropriate for the winner.

The stripes of GOP negativity, destructiveness and incivility were clearly visible. Is this a problem with GOP gene pool? I have seen over the top criticism by some Dems, e.g. Keith Olbermann and Terri Dimatteo (kidding), I have not seen this much chicanery from my fellow Progressives.

I only had the opportunity to watch the Q&A, but I had to get this off my chest. If other people who watched this would care to comment that will be very nice.


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