A set of good links on Health Care Reform from Institute for Public Accuracy

February 7, 2010

A set of good links on Healthcare from IPA

Obama on Healthcare: “Let me Know”
Thu 01/28/10
Healthcare and Unemployment
Fri 11/06/09
Protests at Insurance Company Offices
Tue 10/27/09
White House Cherry-Picking Doctors for Meeting
Mon 10/05/09
“Mad as Hell Doctors” in D.C.
Right-Wing Populism and Health Care Town Halls
Mon 08/17/09
White House Deals With PhRMA
Fri 08/14/09
Obama’s Doctor, Others: Not Doing Single Payer a “Terrible Mistake”
Thu 07/30/09
Obama’s Doctor for Single Payer * Skewed Healthcare Debate
Tue 07/28/09
Insider on Health Insurance PR
Fri 07/10/09
In Norway, Obama a “Right Winger”
Thu 07/09/09
Cut Out Insurers, Save $400 Billion on Healthcare?
Tue 06/23/09
Kennedy Plan Problems and Single-Payer Solutions
Wed 06/17/09
Obama, AMA and “Our Traditions”
Mon 06/15/09
Does the AMA Represent Doctors?
Sat 06/13/09
Congress Hears Single Payer
Tue 06/09/09
$96 Billion More for War
Fri 05/15/09
Questioned, Obama Says Single Payer Would Be Best
Thu 05/14/09
Healthcare: * Single Payer Efforts Excluded, Nurses Arrested * Analyzing “Voluntary Efforts”
Tue 05/12/09
* New Healthcare Ads * Corrupted Finance Committee?
Mon 05/11/09
Doctors Arrested at Senate “Roundtable” on Healthcare
Tue 05/05/09
Swine Flu: Budgets and Immigration Status
Wed 04/29/09
Taxes Going to Military Spending
Tue 04/14/09
With Obama in Europe: Critical Perspectives
Tue 03/31/09
Saving Money on Health Care
Mon 03/23/09
Can Single Payer Get a Fair Hearing?
Mon 03/16/09
Healthcare Reform and the “Marginalization of the Majority”
Wed 03/11/09
Health Care Summit: Single Payer Excluded?
Tue 03/03/09
Health Care‘s Central Role
Wed 02/25/09
Obama and Canadian Healthcare

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