Obama To Progressives: This Is Just The Foundation

March 4, 2010

The President has not dealt with HCR in good faith. The trickery that has been played is to deliberately delay and pooh pooh the Public Option and then at the tail end black mail the Progressives into dumping the Pubic Option by raising the specter of they mast pass any bill or else. Despite all the show put on by the President, everybody knows that should this come to pass, Corporatists in Whitehouse and the Hill would have won and the public would have lost.

These Corporatist Dems will find that their favorite slogan “Votes are simply not there in the Democratic Caucus” is in fact a subuku dagger when the voters tell them “Votes are simply not there for Corporate Stooges”.
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  1. Arvind, yours and Ryan Grimm’s assessments of the ongoing White House and Congressional Democratic path of complacency, capitulation and co-opting of more tepid half-measures (or is that “one-eighth measure” legislation in today’s conviction-less “representative” republic??!!) still leaves in the massive underlying structural and systemic flaws of a “profit-exploitation”-based, corporatist system of healthcare in America.

    I’m not sure, even if a Public Option component is worked into a “reconciled” and passed HCR bill, that the President and Congressional Democrats realize they still have “cost-spiraling,” out-of-this-stratosphere federal debt of $12 trillion or so in change that make the fundamentals of this largely “corporate-controlled” healthcare system headed for an implosion as well — possibly taking down Medicare/Medicaid, other key federal entitlement programs and private-sector healthcare down with it.

    I truly believe that the only way to restore the integrity of America’s healthcare system is to return it to a NONPROFIT-based economic model, following in the path colonial-era American healthcare was founded by ecumenical- and community-based hospitals and family clinics. That’s why our citizens advocacy organization has been proposing that the 150 or so Nonprofit Community Health Plans (in 45 states), which in some cases are part of larger community-based nonprofit hospital and family clinic health networks locally, should be the CORE building blocks again for an “ethics-based” nonprofit healthcare system.

    The only way to excise the “cancer” of obsessive For-Profit/Big Health Insurance and Big Healthcare (in general) is to simply start with getting American consumers and businesses of all sizes (those offering group employee plans) to move their MONEY en masse into a consumer union-like “Nonprofit Community Health Plan/Insurance Exchange” we are proposing at http://www.transamericanalliance.org.

    There is just no way this “corporatist” government will ever fully see the forest through the trees on the inherent, massive structural flaws of a For-Profit healthcare system here. And the other 70 or so countries practicing various forms of Universal Healthcare have NOT ignored this fact and maintain much broader, rigorous standards in controlling For-Profit forces by more effectively applying Nonprofit principles to healthcare. There is just no moral and ethical basis to weighing American lives versus plus or minus digits on a corporate ledger!

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