Lynn Woolsey Should Resign as Head of the Progressive Caucus

March 5, 2010

Cleverly blackmailing the Progressives
Whitehouse has not dealt with HCR in good faith. The trickery that has been played is to deliberately delay and pooh pooh the Public Option, and then at the tail end black mail the Progressives into dumping the Pubic Option by raising the specter that they mast pass any bill or else the consequences for Dems will be bad come election time. Despite all the show put on by the President, everybody knows that should this come to pass, Corporatists in Whitehouse and the Hill would have won and the public would have lost.

However these Corporatist Dems, dragging the collaborating Progressives with them, will find that their favorite slogan “Votes are simply not there in the Democratic Caucus” is in fact a subuku dagger when the voters tell them “Votes are simply not there for Corporate Stooges”.

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