Still Surging: Public Option Picks Up Three More Backers

March 9, 2010

As suggested in the article, If Whitehouse gives a final push the number could go beyond 50. That will be a chance to for Obama Whitehouse to redeem itself. So far the President and his staff have not shown a whole lot of inclination to push for what the President had repeatedly said was the most reliable path to lowering costs and keeping Insurance Companies honest. Apparent it was lip service – their recent efforts are targeted at pouring cold water whenever momentum builds up in the Congress for real competition features like PO and a National Exchange.

Tom Carper is Blue Dog Corporatist hypocrite. He says that PO does not have legs and the 38 who support it are deluding the people. In fact tt is he and his sibling Dogs and Bitches who have been chopping off the legs of PO and its supporters. They then have the gall to say that PO was born without legs.

Democrats, with the Corporatists dragging the acquiescing Progressives with them, will find that their favorite slogan “Votes are simply not there in the Democratic Caucus” is in fact a subuku dagger when the voters tell them “Votes are simply not there for Corporate Stooges”.
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