RNC Chairman Michael Steele Criticizes Rand Paul As Out Of Touch On Civil Rights

May 23, 2010

Sam Stein, if you call Steele’s remarks “Direct”, you have one of two problems. You do not know what direct means. More likely, you would rather take a mealymouthed comment on Rand Paul’s 100% racist views. It is log obvious, ever since Steele groveled in front of Limbaugh that despite his false bravado he is a spineless idiot who will readily drop his pants at the behest of the real bosses of Repubs and Tea baggers. He is more than willing to sacrifice the progressive ideas even like “Civil Rights” to suit his masters. As you seem to find his sniveling pussyfooting admirable, do you also feel that all Rand was doing was expressing his philosophy. You seem to favor or at least equate that philosophy when compared to MLK or Gandhi.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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