Gibbs: Obama Still Wants To Feel Pressure From The Left

August 13, 2010

Sam Stein, this is a real puff piece for the Administration helping it to pull wool over the eyes of Progressives.

Right from Rahm’s “Fucking Retarded” Progressives to Gibbs “Crazy” Progressives is a continuous effort to mask the Administration’s walking back on the campaign platform as the move away from people’s agenda (as in the campaign platform) to a corporatist agenda. Read Mike Mogulescu’s article in Huffpost as well).

As they stoop lower and lower the Rahmade drinking Whitehouse has started displaying its Chicago style politics, i.e. “divide and conquer. According to Gibbs the President steel wants to feel “pressure from the left” without having and intentions to going to 3rd or 4th base. What a perverse orientation. Further they claim that this limited interaction is not possible from the “crazies” on the cable and elsewhere (?) who are impossible to satisfy – suggesting they apply their pressure elsewhere if the want any gratification. The only such lefty monsters on the cable seem to be Maddow, Olbermann and Schultz of MSNBC. A ridiculous statement considering these folks have carried water for the Administration once the flawed Bills are passed in order to pull their Progressive viewers behind the President’s achievements Corporatist or otherwise.

This pathetic attempt at dividing folks whose only fault is protect people’s interest and meet “Hold President Accountable” request WILL NOT WORK. I am pretty sure that Tavis Smiley’s book “ACCOUNTABLE” has been burnt in a book burning ceremony conducted by Rahm Emanuel the ultimate corporatist.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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