Three unanswered questions for use in the Berniebuster which have been buried by the President.

December 13, 2010

I wrote these comments/questions as a contribution to the material for use by Sen. Sanders’ in his Talkathon on the Senate Floor. President and other pushers of the bad Tax Bill have avoided these questions so far. I am sure the questions must have occurred to these brilliant minds, but in an act of intellectual dishonesty they have chosen to divert the attention of the public from the big flaws in the bill by disingenuously exaggerating the benefits and mongering fear in Congress so that Dem Caucus folds and signs on the dotted line.

“President keeps telling the Congress that they will be responsible for lack of food on the table of 2M unemployed this Christmas if they do not approve the framework given to them by the President. Is it not hypocritical that he never talks about the 4.5 million 99ers who would be hungrier than those who received checks until recently?”

“Mr President, do not underestimate the size of American hearts. Are we so small that we can not take care of our brothers and sisters until a more judicious and fair deal has been successfully negotiated?After all we have been trying to help folks in Haiti and Pakistan. We certainly can treat your deal as a disaster and take care of our own while habitable conditions have been restored.”

“Running out the clock (like losing 2weeks out of three) where President sat on his hands while Boehner and McConnell successfully conned him and the nation into a two week delay. And now after a week of negotiations and putting things into limbo while the Administration engages in a dilatory PR campaign based on deliberate stretching the truth and dodging the key questions. Is the idea to take it so far that you can pressure the Congress saying it is too late already, YOU BETTER SIGN IT NOW OR ELSE.

Remember Mr President — it is the same GOP which conned you in Health Care. Chuck “dike-finger” Grassley boasted and took credit for successful delaying the bill with the help of his Dems like Max Baucus, or else they would have pushed it in the committee in June and possibly through Congress before the August recess – during which the GOP had planned the Tea Party sabotage of Democratic Town Halls.”














They have been holding him hostage throughout.






Base rallied to support the middle class.









Pressident was upset with the base making too much noise.








Shall I twist the arms on the Hill right out of the sockets.











President with his fat cats, oops pigs.











They can still prove Harper’s wrong, if the president gets up and fights with support from

the Dems on the Hill, his base and American people.


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