A comment on the article “Health Care: Let’s Liberate the Masses” by: Dylan Ratigan, Huffington Post.

As Rex Harrison says in My Fair Lady, “By Jove he has got it!” Dylan, buddy, is anybody listening out there where it matters. You have explained the thesis in such simple terms that the dumbest of us should be able to understand it. Of course, there is little hope for those who are so brainwashed, by their leaders both reactionary hate-mongering types and those wearing the same clothing but in fact are Corporate sellouts, that they are willing to cut the very branch on which they are sitting.

Only addition to the proposition is to include is  a Public Insurance Option in the exchange to provide a more timely  and reliable way to foster competition and provide a choice from get go. Without It is not possible, with any degree of confidence, to lower the cost structure, because no regulation can demand that the Insurance Companies reduce their current premiums from the levels that are bone-crushing for John Q Public and will empty the treasury coffers as Govt pays subsidies at these same rates. A continuation of the pattern of  transferring money from Taxpayer pockets to Health, Inc. pockets.

Public Option is structurally similar to Medicare. Medicare, of course, is a retirement benefit for those over 65, financed by the payroll taxes they have paid over time. Public Plan on the other hand is fully premium based, run as an independent entity without any government subsidy, with the exception of financing the initial phase until the enrollment increases to the point that they are self funding. In fact I do not see the logic of not opening Medicare to premium paying customers as a way of providing a timely and efficient implementation of the Public Option. Most probable reason, we not allowed to tread on this hallowed land, is to protect the halo surrounding the Corporate crowns.

Dylan, I want to add to your words, to your logic about the lack of a free market in Health Insurance. GOPsters and a few Blue Mutts claim that the Public Option hurts Free Market. However, there is nothing Free Market about the Insurance Oligarchy sanctioned by the Govt to freely fleece captive customers. Current state of Insurance does not provide meaningful choice. In fact it is wasted effort to try finding a difference between rates for comparable plans between the few choices available in a particular area. The 8 i began with were marginally different. As claimed by   Companies and their proxies, if the Govt run option is inefficient & less patient friendly, it should be easy to compete with it. The reason the Oligarchs are trying to scare the public is to preserve their current Govt protected status.

I have been sending out a message on similar lines as part of my repeated e-mails to President Obama and mostly Democratic Senators both those with Public Interest on their mind and those Corporate tools who are always willing to horse-trade the Public Interest away in favor of lining the pockets of their Patrons. The hope is that the Corporate tools might get shamed into stopping screwing the very people who sent them to the office in order to benefit those who funded their corrupt campaigns. As for O, the hope is he will see the folly of his ways, where he is trying to teach a lesson in accepting dirty politics as a way of life to his very supporters who bought into his agenda of changing the corrupt ways of Washington, whereby Corporations, through their Congressional toadies, will no longer be able to kill reforms which target their ill begotten  gains. To what end, Mr P, do you want to punish your progressive supporters by suggesting that they not be bound by any ideology and accept that compromising with the evil force is a reality of life. Mr P, ideology is not some kind of fantasy that makes you narrow minded. In fact, it is what helps you pursue a cause with faith and vigor. This Mr President is what gives you Audacity of Hope.

On the other hand may be we will accept your suggestions accept facts of life without a fight (remember Rahmsian forces were dissuading us in our pursuit of well intentioned pressure on the Blue, or was it Yellow, DINOs, to persuade them  to be Real Democrats.) May be will change our label from progressives to regressives . And than you can claim one big accomplishment of bringing your rigid idealist progressive friends on the left (sic) to reality so we all can all be pots with a round bottom freely moving from left to right and back to the left as the situation demands.


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