Bend it like Obama or Bend like Obama

I do not know if President Obama is bending the cost curve or not; he certainly is bending backwards to appease various parties, viz the Health Inc. Lobbies, Republicans and recalcitrant Blue & Bluish Dogs. Notice the list does not include the public.

President Obama has taken “inclusion” to an absurd extreme. He has made many promises, implicit or explicit, and made deals with Health Inc. lobbies. Like the unnecessary pact made with Pharma to contribute 8B per year in exchange for giving up the negotiation power. Then there is the Insurance Industry who are too clever by half. First is the demand for none to token competition from Govt/Semi-Govt Insurance. To this end Finance Committee has been crafting the CoOp plan – sufficiently lame and harmless to please the Insurance Lobby.

Then there is the compromise with GOP, to achieve the illusory Bipartisanship. GOP is more or less synonymous with Big Biz. GOP in the name of free market does not mind supporting the Oligarchy the Insurance Industry really is. Additionally there is the political objective to “Break Obama”. Accommodating GOP has been like a pact with the devil, where the devil bedevils you more and more as you try meeting his demands.

The main reason for drop in HCR & Obama poll numbers is a muddled conviction-less message resulting from accommodating too many compromises even when they cloud the primary focus. Thus the assurances like the Public Plan is not going to change your insurance or it will only insure the poor, so there is no impact on Employer Based Coverage. So while the finance committee is doing the CoOp ritual, the Prez shows his willingness to lobotomize or even kill the Public Plan if it wins him the GOP vote.

Obama forgets that the Devil will never be satisfied. While the Dems bend backwards, Grassley the little devil, is badmouthing the bill he is co-authoring and boasting he stalled the Bill by sticking his finger into the dike. I hope somebody stops this charade before this senile old fool sticks some other body parts into the dike of GOP resistance.

I am praying that before he is asked to touch his heels Prez straightens up and provide the high energy leadership evidenced in the early days of the process. HCR activists and public will not be interested in voting for fake feathers in Democratic Party’s cap.


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  1. The question that keeps returning, Is the presidency a puppet position that functions more as window dressing on the store front. Inside behind the windows is a committee of power brokers directing the staff, our government on policy and public relations.

    Does the club of criminals running the treasury/fed on branch of the criminals running health care, DoD, telecom, agri-business, etc.

    Meanwhile, lovely Hilary is explaining to Pakistanis the reason we are bombing their country is that “there is a war going on” regardless of the fact it is not our country.

    What makes this country better than a band of Somali pirates but for the social services still left here. How many people realize that the beneficiaries of all these policies live in the top ten percent of income and make the corporations wealthy but not the average citizen.

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