GITMO, NIMBY, Land of Brave and Unhelpful Allies

There is a legality issue with GITMO. Can any country in the world can escape its local laws, such as the British law allowing a maximum of 28 day preventive detention, by incarcerating people for ever on a remote island or occupied territory? If not, why would Guantanamo qualify as a safe haven for US scofflaws. It appears like we have made Guantanamo a Cayman Island for law evasion. This is where we have & will stash away potential criminals for “prolonged detention”. Sounds like a “deluxe gulag” to me?

Why are the citizens of this “Land of the Brave” quaking in fear of detainees from GITMO coming to US prison system? Answer is rather simple. Right wing GOP members of Congress are spreading fear among their constituents. Following a circular logic, they claim that they are just listening to their constituents. Where is “Voting the Conscience” and providing leadership based on convictions and a respect for decency? My my such unprincipled politics just to get reelected! First spread fear and than show the people how you want to protect them. Since hypocrisy crosses party lines, some conviction free Dems are following the same path so they do not lose election to a more right wing Republican. As for the GOP, Senator Chambliss laid out a “Save our Communities Act”, an example of chicanery and fear mongering described above. Pre-1965 the same fear mongers and cowering fools would have liked to pass a similar act to protect their communities from some other undesirables. I wonder if the fear virus carried by our esteemed representatives is probably more serious then the radicalization virus a detainee might be harboring. In order to serve their own political ambitions, they will stop at nothing. In the globally connected world today they bring shame and dishonor to our country. These clueless dupes do not have a clue that spreading fear on this “Land of the Brave” does not make the nation more secure.

I wanted to quell the disappointment with our allies expressed by the coalition of GOP fear mongers and a few Effete Dems. “Why don’t they take in a few detainees each?” they argue. Simple answer is I do not think we consulted them before opening GITMO. They probably do not want to be responsible for any illegal acts committed against any detainee, for example indefinite detention, EIT etc. For those non triable ones, they can’t lock them up forever.  For the possibly guilty ones we are the ones possessing the evidence, how can they take them, and try them. They do not to be party to any potentially criminal activity. They are also impacted by the fear mongering of the NIMBY campaign in this “Land of the Brave”. They wonder if not in the American Backyards, why in ours?

Even Obama can not pull wool over the eyes of our Allies so we decide to bravely muscle / bribe small countries. We bribe Bermuda, Palau and any other bidders to take GITMO folks off our backs. Palau gets 200M. Bermuda PM just wants to help Obama. No wonder UK is upset with Bermuda PM for his brave rescue of Obama’s promise to close GITMO. One wonders how much the Pres had to grovel in front of the Bermuda PM. We would grovel in front of anyone willing to save us from these fearsome individuals. And for whom, for the fear mongers and their frightened followers.

UK and other allies laugh at us when they see us not following our beloved President’s example when he scoops his dog’s poop. Ask these idiot detractors of Obama, that in the name of Obama bashing, how much more of a fool they want us to make of ourselves? Do they not realize being the laughing stock of the world does not increase our chances of effective diplomacy.

In final analysis, the blame belongs to the Obama administration for not cutting through this web of fear and succumbing to the pressure of idiotic politicians, willing to sacrifice the honor of the country for narrow political gain. And from whom, from the fear mongers and their frightened followers.


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