Growing propaganda problem in media sources for information

“How would you address the growing propaganda problem in all of our mainstream sources for information? The Spin Killer believes it is through awareness of not just the issues, but of propaganda tactics used. Others believe that more propaganda is called for to fight the propaganda from the other side. What do you think?” ~ http://twith.net/FvV

A lie to fight a lie just lends credence to the first lie. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” oft repeated but seldom practiced by Team Obama. The approach of The Spin Killer and other BS Busters is the right one. But it has to be buttressed with grass roots participation to save the victims like the lady in the cartoon.

A dynamic has developed recently, which, if not checked will be very dangerous for the country. “BS/Hate from the GOPposition, yellow-bellied response from the Dems, more BS/Hate .. cycle goes on .. all goes boom at the crescendo.

1. Propaganda: “Death Panels” for elderly in HCR Bill. Yellow-bellies Baucus, Conrad scratch Medicare payments for EOL counseling from the Bill.

Result: Dike-finger Grassley & Co vindicated.

2. Propaganda: “HCR Bill will cover illegal aliens”. Yellow-bellied response from Baucus, Conrad “Will work harder to craft language to remove the confusion”.

Result: Wilson and his right wing hater supporters like Randall Terry vindicated in “Obama is a liar” propaganda.

3. High stakes propaganda:
Public Option is a plan for Govt Take over of free markets.

Truth: Health Inc and its Hill dwelling tools want to kill PO to protect the Oligarchy from rigors of competition. This duo wants to loot Public Treasury to line their pockets.

: mealy-mouthed Rahmsians in Admin,Corporate Tools in Finance Committee devise clever tools like CoOps and Triggers to fool the public while they get down to their business of slaughtering the Public Insurance Option. Dem leadership in kowtowing to misguided DINO Dogs, justify the ritualistic slaughter as part of the high art of political compromise. Corporate tools, mealy-mouths from the Hill, led by the Compromiser-in-Chief are trying to teach a lesson in Washington Politics as usual, which the foolish “Changers” thought could be diminished if not uprooted to give John Q Public a real voice.

Result: Forces of Corporatism kill another reform aimed at weakening their stranglehold on John Q Public.


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