Want to pay for Health Care honestly?

August 6, 2009

Recognize that Medicare is a plan that protects the health of 44 Million Seniors. GOPsters say Medicare is a Government run unmitigated disaster. Ask them if they would take their parents of this disaster and place them in a free market insurance and they will be silent. They appear to be quite willing to consign their elderly to substandard care, while they enjoy a lifelong deluxe plan at taxpayer’s expense. Speaks volumes about their character.

The Insurance Company tools do not want to ask their paymasters for insurance coverage for the elderly, is because the Oligarchs are only too happy to keep just the healthy in their pools to maximize their profits. Even if they are given all the money coming in from the payroll taxes they would not sign up. And yet all these so called budget hawks would not want Medicare for all, which will expand the pool and reduce the overall cost to the taxpayers. This will pull medicare out of its impending bankruptcy as well as provide a quality public option to the below 65 individuals.

But this requires tough direct talk, instead of sacrificing the people on the alter of Bipartisanship or appeasement of the Blue and Bluish Dogs.

If we keep doing what we did in the house, or preparing to do in the Senate for the Conradian Agenda,
there will be no honesty in the HCR agenda. I do not know what was there in the BD work that the Prez had to praise them. IMHO, they deserve a heap of scorn for pushing through their amendments in the Waxman committee. Blue Dog modifications to HCR bill are a big sham, e.g., the clause where the Bill promises that PO will NOT use medicare schedules. Clearly a sell out to Insurance Cartel. If the Dems in Congress go back to their constituents with Bills badly compromised thanks to Bachus/Conrad in Senate and the House Blue Dogs, they will fumble when questions highlighting these differences come up. Mere slogans will only serve to discredit the Democratic Party.

Insurance Comapnies' Double Talk


Three unanswered questions for use in the Berniebuster which have been buried by the President.

December 13, 2010

I wrote these comments/questions as a contribution to the material for use by Sen. Sanders’ in his Talkathon on the Senate Floor. President and other pushers of the bad Tax Bill have avoided these questions so far. I am sure the questions must have occurred to these brilliant minds, but in an act of intellectual dishonesty they have chosen to divert the attention of the public from the big flaws in the bill by disingenuously exaggerating the benefits and mongering fear in Congress so that Dem Caucus folds and signs on the dotted line.

“President keeps telling the Congress that they will be responsible for lack of food on the table of 2M unemployed this Christmas if they do not approve the framework given to them by the President. Is it not hypocritical that he never talks about the 4.5 million 99ers who would be hungrier than those who received checks until recently?”

“Mr President, do not underestimate the size of American hearts. Are we so small that we can not take care of our brothers and sisters until a more judicious and fair deal has been successfully negotiated?After all we have been trying to help folks in Haiti and Pakistan. We certainly can treat your deal as a disaster and take care of our own while habitable conditions have been restored.”

“Running out the clock (like losing 2weeks out of three) where President sat on his hands while Boehner and McConnell successfully conned him and the nation into a two week delay. And now after a week of negotiations and putting things into limbo while the Administration engages in a dilatory PR campaign based on deliberate stretching the truth and dodging the key questions. Is the idea to take it so far that you can pressure the Congress saying it is too late already, YOU BETTER SIGN IT NOW OR ELSE.

Remember Mr President — it is the same GOP which conned you in Health Care. Chuck “dike-finger” Grassley boasted and took credit for successful delaying the bill with the help of his Dems like Max Baucus, or else they would have pushed it in the committee in June and possibly through Congress before the August recess – during which the GOP had planned the Tea Party sabotage of Democratic Town Halls.”














They have been holding him hostage throughout.






Base rallied to support the middle class.









Pressident was upset with the base making too much noise.








Shall I twist the arms on the Hill right out of the sockets.











President with his fat cats, oops pigs.











They can still prove Harper’s wrong, if the president gets up and fights with support from

the Dems on the Hill, his base and American people.


How Dare You Use My Cousin’s Murder on 9/11 to Justify Bigotry and Hatred

September 11, 2010


For the full note: http://j.mp/Sensitivity-Fraud
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Where Was The “Professional Left” A Year Ago?

August 17, 2010

Excellent article Sally. This whole ongoing dysfunctional relationship between the Progressives and the Rahmobama Administration has led many Progressives to a dilemma regarding the participation in the mid term elections. http://j.mp/ObamaGOTV is my response to a call from President Obama on OFA stationary asking for a pledge to vote.
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Gibbs: Obama Still Wants To Feel Pressure From The Left

August 13, 2010

Sam Stein, this is a real puff piece for the Administration helping it to pull wool over the eyes of Progressives.

Right from Rahm’s “Fucking Retarded” Progressives to Gibbs “Crazy” Progressives is a continuous effort to mask the Administration’s walking back on the campaign platform as the move away from people’s agenda (as in the campaign platform) to a corporatist agenda. Read Mike Mogulescu’s article in Huffpost as well).

As they stoop lower and lower the Rahmade drinking Whitehouse has started displaying its Chicago style politics, i.e. “divide and conquer. According to Gibbs the President steel wants to feel “pressure from the left” without having and intentions to going to 3rd or 4th base. What a perverse orientation. Further they claim that this limited interaction is not possible from the “crazies” on the cable and elsewhere (?) who are impossible to satisfy – suggesting they apply their pressure elsewhere if the want any gratification. The only such lefty monsters on the cable seem to be Maddow, Olbermann and Schultz of MSNBC. A ridiculous statement considering these folks have carried water for the Administration once the flawed Bills are passed in order to pull their Progressive viewers behind the President’s achievements Corporatist or otherwise.

This pathetic attempt at dividing folks whose only fault is protect people’s interest and meet “Hold President Accountable” request WILL NOT WORK. I am pretty sure that Tavis Smiley’s book “ACCOUNTABLE” has been burnt in a book burning ceremony conducted by Rahm Emanuel the ultimate corporatist.
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It’s Wall Street Corporate Liberals Who Are Undermining Democrats’ Election Prospects

August 13, 2010

Super article as usual from Mogulescu. I liberally (quoted his article coining the term about the Kabuki Dance by the President around the Health Care Reform.

Just to see how far the President Obama has retreated walked back on his position of Corporatism consider the remarks he made he made during the campaign. It appears that the man has replaced “a man’s word is his bond” with “a man’s word is not worth a dime”, especially when the man happens to be the President of the United States.

“Unless we’re willing to challenge the broken system in Washington, and stop letting lobbyists use their clout to get their way, nothing else is going to change … For far too long, through both Democratic and Republican administrations, Washington has allowed Wall Street to use lobbyists and campaign contributions to rig the system and get its way, no matter what it costs ordinary Americans.”
~ Candidate Obama
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President Obama Listens to the Right Because He Ignores the Left

July 23, 2010

Here is a note I wrote in December. The same angst was afflicting me which caused me to pen this missive to the President. Unfortunately I am sure such input never reaches Obama ears.

“President Obama Neither You Nor The Nation Deserve This’
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Is Gen. McChrystal Irreplaceable?

June 23, 2010

It looks like that even senior Political Pundits are confused. Here is a note to David Gergen:

David, IMHO you showed very poor judgement in your recommendation about McChrystal on AC360. Coming from a Political Dean like you was especially astonishing. You said McChrystal was the best suited , nay the only one, to prosecute the war. Every reprimand no matter how severe will fall flat in front of the American Public and ROW. Letting him stay, because of the so called indispensability, will give a message to the troops that Commander In Chief is in fact the Pussy In Chief. In these circumstances McChrystal will be a terrible team player and will be in no position to prosecute his duties effectively. If he was a technician vital to national security such lapses may be tolerated — but given his position, firing him will be the honorable thing to do for all concerned — and absolutely essential to establish the authority of the chain of command.

There already has been a lot of speculation on whether Stanley McChrystal will be fired by the President or retained because of his indispensability for the Afghan war. IMHO the only question is what kind of a paddle will the President use to whup his sorry ass, before he is frog-marched out of the Whitehouse on his way to a court martial.
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