Is it better to privatize the health system?

USC Health Reform Is it really possible to contain the cost of health care? Is it better to privatize the health system or get more government involved?

Fixing Healthcare, Part One: An Inventory of Cost-Containment – Philip K. Howard

Arvind Agrawal on Privatization
The only major entity not in the private sector is Medicare/Medicaid. Most conservatives are scaring the Public about Socialism to be ushered in by the Public Insurance Option in the HCR bills. They conveniently forget to point out that Medicare and VA are completely Govt run programs. If these so called conservatives practice what they preach, they should mount a campaign to privatize Medicare. If they can not achieve this result in the foreseeable future, they can at least set an example by taking their parents off this Govt Controlled unmitigated disaster. Can one of you explain why not?

Arvind Agrawal On Cost

If Medicare is expanded to all comers it will expand the pool and reduce overall cost to the taxpayer and also pull Medicare out of its financial doldrums. Revised compensation practices alongside reduced payment schedules are a must to extricate people from the debris they are caught in. If all the stake holders i.e. Doctors, Hospitals, Pharma & Eqpt Makers were willing to participate in a shared sacrifice while the country is in a deep slump and to rise with the tide as the tide builds up, no real reform can happen.

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