Jimmy Carter’s remarks on vestiges of racism

It is unwise of the MSM to accept the GOP propaganda that, President Jimmy Carter’s recent remarks on vestiges of racism still afflicting our country, are Democratic Propaganda to divert attention from the real issues. JC is an independent thinker, not a water carrier for Dems. His remarks were thoughtful & deeply felt. He was anguished by the visceral hatred of the President himself demonstrated by some (not all) people purportedly protesting his policies.

An example of the distortion by GOPsters, readily eaten up by MSM, is quoting JC: “overwhelming portion of those protesting” have an element of racism. What JC actually said was “overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity towards President Obama” is race based”.

[Majority of protesters] v/s [Majority of those demonstrating intense animosity toward the President]. Minor change of words or turning the whole spirit on its ear?

Jim Clyburn makes a mistake when he asks the President to address the issue and not “let it fester”. Prez has on his plate too many issues of immediate national importance. It is irresponsible to ask his lead on every issue. The country is not devoid of leadership outside the Whitehouse, to tackle the moral issues affecting the country. Please note that Gandhi was not an official functionary inside the Congress Party or the Govt. It is the responsibility of the Social/Political Leaders and MSM opinion makers to conduct a solid discussion of and bring some progress in this charged but critical issue. These Illuminati & Literati have a duty to separate reality from false diversionary propaganda by reactionary forces. If we respected Jimmy Carter’s sage comments and looked at him for moral leadership instead of trying to dump him into the discard pile (MSM is the #1 culprit), we might yet have another Gandhi, unfortunately only his sunset years.

For an insight into state of the MSM today v/s that during Walter Cronkite days please look for the relevant section of Rick Perlstein’s recent article in WAPO. ~ http://is.gd/2OAz8


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