Letter to Congressman Pete Stark

Dear Congressman Stark,

Thank you for your staunch support for a HCR Bill with a Robust Public Option. It is a misstatement to say that Public Option is just another feature of the HCR Bill. That is like saying Heart is just another organ in the body. PO is vital to real Health Care Reform.

This note is to reiterate our support for you as you continue to fight against the Washington proclivity for horse trading Public Interest in favor of Corporate Interest. SO PLEASE STAND STRONG FOR PUBLIC OPTION. NO COMPROMISES. NO CLEVER PLOYS DEVISED BY CORPORATE TOOLS – SUCH AS COOPS OR TRIGGERS.

Pete, we need your advocacy to keep Boxer from swaying and to bring Feinstein down from her perch on the fence, on the side of a Robust Public Option.

Thank You.


Arvind Agrawal

p.s. A note I have been trying to hand over to you, but could not make into the Townhalls.


TO: Representative Pete Stark, Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Dianne Feinstein

I would like our 3 members of congress to only support a bill that will truly achieve the 3 core objectives plus lowering of the premiums (not just holding the line at the current rapacious levels). If they can not prove it to themselves or us they should not sign up for a sham bill just to add a faux feather in the Democratic Cap.

President’s speech Wednesday did not alleviate the concerns about whether we shall end up with REAL reform. One of the key items is the Public Insurance Option. Following couple of points are reactions to the speech as it was being delivered. In a nutshell a bill without a Robust Public Option will just be a sham bill and must not be supported.

President advised his Progressive friends they should not think PO is the only way, it is just one means. We should be open to other ideas. Have you not been open for months Mr P? What do you have to show for this openness? Belittling the Progressives as extreme left who are stuck on this one idea of PO? Do you think this will unite your stray dogs and right wing saboteurs to support a sham bill to put a feather in the cap of the Democratic Party.

Mr P we have all bought into the importance of your three core objectives and your touching empathy for 14000 losing insurance every day and hundreds dying or going bankrupt. What I do not see is a clear commitment to pushing, selling, cajoling the only real means to get there, i.e. a robust Public Option. I do not see you showing clearly how you will take care of the blighted you so clearly championed in the campaign and continue to do so thereafter, in a timely and effective (in terms of $ & c from their pockets) manner. One clear way of meeting your commitments, would be to open Medicare to provide this Public Option to premium paying new customers.

Since the speech I have come to understand that the Prez had left the door open for the Public Option. And it was up to the PO protagonists such as yourself to push the elephant through. Thus all the tirade against the President about lack of strong advocacy for PO has to be redirected  at our Congressional Contingent, in our case the Stark, Boxer, Feinstein Trio. So consider the President absolved unless he does not let you ride the PO elephant into the halls of Congress.

Thank you and best of luck in standing true to your constituents.


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  1. Pete Stark is a nasty, rude excuse for a public servant.

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