Red Dogs v/s Blue Mutts

The biggest problem for the Democratic Party is the spinelessness of some Dems in boldly standing behind the Party agenda. Some of them think they will only win next reelection by being Dems in Republican clothing. I wish Reid and Pelosi would whip these recalcitrant Blue Dog DINOs into shape. First kind among them are those bought and paid for by the Health Lobbies. Second are those who are political opportunists. They ran on a Democratic ticket to ride Obama’s coattails without honestly subscribing to his agenda. I wonder what is the belief set of these Blue or Blusish Dogs. To me it appears that TOP 3 items on their agenda are reelection, reelection and reelection. This they believe is best done by outGOPing their GOP brethren. Little do they realize that so called conservative voters would choose a pedigreed Red Dog over a Blue Mutt. Republicans do stand in one line no matter where it goes. If Dems fail to unite on critical issues such as HCR they should forget about 2010 or 2012.



  1. I agree with you. I am convinced of the corruption in this Democratic congress and think that not only does there need to be some serious, serious lobbying reform, something that would actually be more important than Healthcare Reform, there needs to be some investigation for accepting bribery.

    Down with the Blue Dog Democrats! Purge congress of traitors and corrupt officials!

  2. Well, here’s the way to look at it: there are moderate Democrats and there are left-wing socialist nutjobs. The moderates (in many cases so-called Blue Dogs) have won in areas where a progressive or extreme lefties simply could not. If you want the Dems to lose control in 2010, keep screwing around and ostracizing the moderates like me. In short, you cannot win without my swing vote.

    The Bush stupidity coupled with the laughable ticket of the last general election (McCain/Palin.. or as I like to put it McFailin) left us with one sane choice: Obama (yeah, I hated him as a candidate but yes, I voted for him). If the Republicans so much as fart in the direction of a moderate fiscal conservative next time around you’ll lose my vote (and many others.. like most of my friends). Left-wing Democrats felt “empowered” by last election; they simply fail to realize that it wasn’t an endorsement of Obama as it was showing utter contempt for the Republicans and the candidates they offered up.

    Remember: if you’re a left-winger, you did not win the election for Obama.. centrist voters did. Go ahead, play around with gun control, keep spending us into the hole, and keep pushing social engineering like affirmative action (which thankfully is being shot down as we speak). I assure you you’ll lose the majority.

  3. Thanks for your comment. Everything in my note still applies as you have not answered to any of the points there. For all the false bravado a lack of conviction beyond the few slogans to aggrandize yourself is easily discerned.

    By the way provide me some pointers to any Doggy prescriptions in printed or blogged form, for the advancement of Democratic Agenda or solutions to any of the many serious problems facing USA. Hard to imagine that somebody in any party can be conviction free with no shared agenda or platform. I hope you do not become a pack of “NO” dogs. Please do not be shy; ask your Doggy leaders to not make a spectacle of themselves by having nothing positive to espouse.

    Thank you for taking the time.

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