Role of Health Care Stakeholders

If Medicare is expanded to all comers it will expand the pool and reduce overall cost to the taxpayer and also pull Medicare out of its financial doldrums. Revised compensation practices alongside reduced payment schedules are a must to extricate people from the debris they are caught in. If all the stake holders i.e. Doctors, Hospitals, Pharma & Eqpt Makers were willing to participate in a shared sacrifice while the country is in a deep slump and to rise with the tide as the tide builds up, real reform can happen.

The attempts on the hill to make sure that job one for the HCR bill is to protect the Private Insurance Oligarchy from real competition – is symptomatic of the Health, Inc. ownership of our legislators. What baffles me is the Doctors’ participation in this racket. Medicine is too noble a profession – to need pimps and touts to fleece and intimidate the clients. If we do not get this nobility from our Doctors, no real reform can happen.

I would expect these pillars of society to champion this overhaul and make this Mafia like operation a thing of the past- so our people hail & hearty compete hard on the world stage. In this day and age this state of affairs will not earn a shining reputation for the US of A.


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