Paul Krugman and His Peace Making between Moderate and Progressive Dems

Re: Numerical notes on health care reform by: Paul Krugman, New York Times, December 26, 2009, 7:44 AM

Dear Mr Krugman,

Amazing that a Nobel Laureate whose article I have been distributing as a reference on the spinelessness afflicting the lawmakers (http://is.gd/2OAAK) has done such a 180. You have some very good points about the hopeless state of the MSM today. Now you want to join the ranks of MSM media? Do you want to prove that you are also a bona fide member of the “Church of the Savvy”? This church believes that only the naive progressives do not see the importance of keeping Corporate Interests well preserved.

I am surprised that the self styled Progressive has surrendered a principled position and is now brokering a peace between Progressives and the so called Centrists. So Mr Krugman what is so moderate or centrist about these Moderate Centrist brethren of yours? Does it mean being a Corporate Tool whose main job is to protect Big Biz to be able to get a steady supply of crumbs.

Without serious competition from a Public Plan the costs will not come down and the Insurance Companies can not be trusted to follow regulations faithfully. This is a direct excerpt from the President’s speech. I did not see any Op-Eds from you calling to stop wasting time on the Public Option or Medicare Expansion. And yes, I know you will say just like other Obama apologists that the Public Options are so lobotomized as to be useless. Again where were you when the lobotomy was taking place?

Lobotomized as it is, the Public Option will, if implemented properly, will grow organically. It is at least a wedge in the door tightly shut by the Corporations and their Tools in the Government.

Here is a rationale for the Public Option in the words of a wise but anonymous person:

“Without a Robust Public Option, it is not possible to lower the cost structure with any degree of confidence. No regulation can demand that the Insurance Companies reduce their current premiums from the levels that are bone-crushing for John Q Public. Treasury coffers will continue to deplete as Govt pays out subsidies at these high rates. The pattern of transferring money from taxpayer pockets to Corporate pockets will only grow stronger.”

Lastly, I am surprised that the that you are happy with the chart you are selling as a major victory. I believe people up to 150% of PL will qualify for Medicaid. Look at the meager subsidies at the middle class level, where many will not be able to afford. Bigger problem is that bone-crushing premiums will not be reduced – insurance companies are allowed to lock in the rapacious premiums of today. In addition they are projected to go up 111% by Insurance Industry’s own estimates. Subsidies will grow at a higher pace. I guess the looting of taxpayers pocket for Corporate Welfare is good for our economy.

Most surprising is your shilling for an employer based system where an employee is held hostage by an employer. For a passionate exposition of this and of free choice and competition you may want to tune into Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC.

Until you answer the concerns raised here, I suggest you please not use the byline “Conscience of a Liberal”.


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