Letter to David Brooks re: Lack of Indignation with GOP Hatefest.

Comment on NYT

Dear Mr Brooks,

I have tried to like you based on your reputation of being a moderate voice amongst the right wing haters club that today’s GOP has become.

Please do not discard the constructive criticism that follows. The only hope for the conservatives to not drag the whole country down into the gutter of hate is for some, any, GOP political leaders or Thinkers(?) like you, to take a stand against this immoral behavior rampant in your Party / Movement.

The mail was prompted by your hamming and hawing on The Newshour about the Joe Wilson episode and the Joe Wilson celebration in the aftermath. The best you could do was talk about Ms Manners type of etiquette and its importance. And Mr Brooks, please drop this smug attitude about being more civil than the British who shout at their leaders. Koreans and Brits may resort to physical or verbal jousting, they do not have an iota of the hate spewed by the likes of Joe Wilson, Steve King or the whole gang of Hill dwelling birthers.

However, you did not condemn the whole behavior as despicable and dangerous to the well being and reputation of the country. When given another opportunity by Jim Lehrer to see if you saw this behavior as symptomatic of something deeper, you glided over the question with masterful smoothness of a ski jumper. David it is not only the perps like Limbaugh, Beck, Steve King, Hannity, Joe Wilson et al who are responsible for the spread of paranoia and hate, it is also the mealy-mouthed leaders and thinkers who are not willing to take down the perps publicly with scathing criticism, thereby indirectly condoning such behavior. You leave the direct criticism to some lefty, thereby further widening the chasm. It is embarrassing to see fools like Jim Clyburn falling into this trap again. It should not be they, who call for this disapproval resolution, but John Boehner & co., should they ever find themselves truly disgusted with this ever sinking level of political discourse.

Dear Mr. Brooks I challenge you to point me to a single GOP leader or opinion maker (like yourself) who has come out in public denunciation of the hate spewed in Townhalls and daily by RushBeckians, hate highlighted by disgusting phrases and symbols like Swastika, Nazi, Communist, Socialist, Saddam Hussein, Kim Il Jong, Mao… etc etc ad nauseam.

By the way so far I have seen only one Republican in the media who has shown some kahones. And no I wont tell you who it is lest I influence your picks for this honorable distinction.

Only time the GOP reps acknowledge the impropriety of the behavior is during Media interviews. The comedy goes some thing like this. GOPster leader (like McCain) /thinker (like DB)…(muttering under the breath) yes I do not think it is appropriate behavior… but you know the problem is on both left and right (you know sort of like between Jews and Arabs, you know)… And than you know this is a result of Obama breaking his promise you know, of bringing a fresh change to Washington, promise of bipartisanship. By the way you know he is the most polarizing of all Presidents we ever had. See the way he has polarized the whole Heartland Real America, just by being black …. you know. Come on, come on, where is the indignation, my friend.

Come on, thinker Brooks time for a new Morning in America. Please please bring down the soot throwers on your side of the American main-street.

Forgive the rough language; I am too frustrated by the failure of Obama’s and his hapless supporters’ repeated civilized appeals to the Illuminati and Literati of GOP &/or Conservative Movement. I hope my rough language does not afford you an excuse to pull away from the Sunshine. The issues at stake transcend my stupid language and annoyance it might cause you.

Next Comment on NYT.

Dear David,

Just finished viewing the Shields & Brooks segment of The Newshour.

You did it again buddy. You blamed the poisonous polarized climate prevailing in the country on influences like “FOX” and “MSNBC“. Come on Mr Brooks enough of this moral equivalence. Same as above left & right…Jews & Arabs.

Do you have a moral compass? Does it at times point North? Or is it permanently stuck on South?

Another challenge, Despite KO’s over the top style (he is not part of our Democratic Sissies Club), point me to a lie by the 4 more outspoken truth tellers of MSNBC, Maddow, Shultz, Olbermann  and Shuster. Now point me a to single lie free segment on the top Fox News Spokespeople Beck, Hannity, O Reilly and Greta.

Up to it, Mr Brooks?


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